Here is a simple step-by step guide on how to fit your CPAP mask:

1. Hold the cushion in one hand and the headgear in the other.

2. Press the mask to your nose or mouth (depending on the type of CPAP mask you have) and pull the headgear up and over your head.

3. Once the mask is on, you can attach the clips and adjust if necessary. When adjusting your headgear, make sure you move both straps the same amount on each side. When fitting your CPAP Mask remember that you want it to fit firmly but not too tight.

It is best practice to fit your mask before turning the machine on. It can be difficult to fit and adjust masks while the air is running. 

If your mask is leaking air and you can’t seem to stop it, turn your machine off, refit the mask then try starting again.

If you are having trouble with mask leak or you cannot get your mask comfortable, please contact us at or call us on 1800 799 950.