New Durable Headgear

The ResMed AirFit P30i mask features a new style. While utilising the standard minimal headgear design you are used to, the headgear on the P30i has been reinforced to increase longevity.

SpringFit Frame With A Top Of The Head Design

ResMed has carried the success of the SpringFit Frame into the design of the P30i, ensuring a stable and comfortable fit for all users.

The top of the head composition means the mask is suitable for all sleep positions-including the side and stomach.

QuietAir Vent Technology

We all need peace and quiet- especially when it comes to sleep. Thats why ResMed have implemented their trade mark QuietAir Vent Technology into the AirFit P30i mask. The gentle exhalation of airflow made possible by the QuietAir technology will ensure a restful nights sleep.