A lot of people make the mistake of turning their CPAP machine on to therapeutic mode before putting their mask on. When the machine is blowing out its pressure without a mask attached, it seems like there is a massive amount of pressure. It is then very difficult to put your CPAP mask on while the air is blowing.

It is important to put your CPAP mask on your face prior to turning on your CPAP machine. This will allow you to fit your mask correctly prior to the air pressure coming on, meaning a much better chance of obtaining a seal.

The pressure at the start of the night is generally at its lowest. It often feels like it is very high. This makes sense as we have been breathing all day without a continuous pressure coming into us. It is consistently discussed in our clinic that the first 10 minutes of wearing the CPAP for the night is the toughest. Once you adjust and settle, it then becomes a lot more comfortable.

So, when starting the night on CPAP, ensure you put the mask on your face first, then switch it on.