Sleep Right Australia are now providing home based sleep studies that can be fitted by you. The Sleep Study is designed to test for Sleep Apnea. These sleep studies are quick to fit, easy to use and provide accurate data for diagnosis.

Our scoring Sleep Physician Dr David Cunnington, who worked on developing the device at Harvard University 20 years ago uses the device because:


  • It is well validated, with multiple studies including a meta-analysis showing it measures sleep apnea accurately
  • It is simple and easy to use and can be conducted by patients themselves in their own home, without them needing to go anywhere to pick up or drop off equipment 
  • It is a single use disposable device, so there aren’t issues with infection control or risk of contamination for either patients or sleep technologists

The device will provide a report which you will then discuss with Dr Cunnington over the internet. This appointment will include a discussion of your report and then provide guidance as to what to do next.

To find out more information or to book your sleep study, Click here.