Is your CPAP device controlling your Sleep Apnea effectively?


The most important part of CPAP therapy is ensuring that your equipment is actually treating your Sleep Apnea. If the Sleep Apnea is not properly under control, then it defeats the purpose of actually using the equipment in the first place.


If you are using CPAP and are still feeling the symptoms of sleep apnoea or snoring it is important that you talk to your Doctor about this.


Most CPAP machines will provide data on how long you use your machine each night, how many complete or partial blockages of the airway are occurring and whether your mask is leaking. These statistics are fantastic in giving us feedback on the performance of the machine and also act as a guide as to whether any changes need to be made.


As machines get older, the performance of them can start to falter. After all, they are being used for over 2000 hours each year.


As you progress through CPAP therapy you will learn more and more about your statistics and how to best gauge whether your therapy is doing the right job for you. Initially it is important to keep talking to your CPAP therapist and Doctor’s so that your therapy can be fine tuned and so you can be educated on what to look for if things aren’t working as they should.


To discuss your CPAP equipment, we provide an online equipment review which we are currently offering at no cost. Our trained technicians will be able to discuss your machine and mask and offer advice on which equipment is best suited to your needs.