Keep the dust out of your CPAP machine


CPAP machines get a lot of use. A lot more than you probably expect.

If you wear your CPAP device each night for 8 hours, this will equate to over 2900 hours a year! When you start to think of other motor devices and how frequently they are used, CPAP really does cop a workout.

As time goes by, especially if we don’t replace our filters, dust will get into your motor and can affect the airflow and quality of your treatment. When dust gets into the motor, this can reduce its performance. Also, if the filter is too clogged with dirt and debris, the motor will have to work harder to deliver the same amount of pressure. This, over time means the motor is going to go through more and wear and tear than it needs to if filters and dust management are not performed properly.


Signs dust has gotten into your CPAP motor

–          Extra noise coming from your machine

–          There is an odour coming from your machine

–          When you replace your filter, you can see dust around the outlet

–          Your machine is overheating

–          Your machine is not working at all






How do you prevent dust from getting in your CPAP motor


The ideal solution for keeping dust out of your motor is prevention.


To ensure that your motor lasts as long as it possibly can, we strongly encourage you to change your filter on a regular basis. We recommend doing this at least every 3 months. We also encourage you to take your filter out and give it a flick every 2 weeks or so.

If you have any questions about dust and your CPAP motor, or your CPAP equipment in general, you can book an online CPAP equipment discussion with us by following this link: