Dealing with a noisy CPAP device can be an inconvenience that disrupts not just your own sleep, but that of your bed partner as well.

Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to reduce excess noise originating from your CPAP machine.

Keep dust away from your motor:

You filter is quite small but it is very important. The filter will keep dust from entering the motor, which in turn will help keep it running quietly. We suggest taking your filter out and flicking it fortnightly. We also find with a clean filter your motor doesn’t have to work as hard subsequently reducing the noise it produces.

A filter that hasn’t been changed for a very long time vs. a new one.

Ensure all lids are closed and things are connected properly:

If the machine is making a really excessive amount of noise, it could be because a humidifier lid isn’t closed properly or the tube isn’t connected as it should be. The procedure for doing this is different for each machine, so if you are unsure about yours, please send us a picture or contact us.

Position your CPAP machine away from your head and on a level surface:

By positioning your machine away from your head, the noise will need to travel further to reach you. Be sure that it is on a level surface and is secure to avoid it moving during the night.

Keeping water out of your tube:

If you have ever experienced rainout with your CPAP device you will know this is quite a noisy experience. We notice we get more calls about this issue at the change of seasons. As a general rule, it occurs when too much humidity is being released into the tube, or the tube temperature is significantly warmer on the inside compared to the environment around it.

One way to help rainout is to turn the humidity settings down on your machine. Secondly, putting your tube under the blanket can help as this means the tube is not being exposed to the elements.

If you would like to know how to change the climate control settings, Click Here.

The Motor:

The machine has a motor which generates pressure to keep your airway open. There are quite a few moving parts and complicated elements, so from time to time, the noise levels may increase.

Machine Warranty:

CPAP equipment purchased will come with certain warranty terms and in some cases money back guarantees. If you think your equipment is damaged or if you are not happy with it, go back to where you bought it from and exchange it for something suitable or have it sent away to get fixed. If there is something internally making noise, the technicians can generally tweak it and get it back working in a fashion that is not disruptive to you or your partner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or call us on 1800 799 950.