An easy step by step Guide to getting the right CPAP mask for you, now.

Step 1. Replace or Upgrade?

Replacing your CPAP mask

The first step to purchasing a new CPAP mask is to decide on whether you wish to replace your current mask like for like or upgrade to a more modern CPAP mask.

If your current mask is controlling your therapy well and it is comfortable, then like for like may be sensible.

It is important however to keep in mind that some older masks are no longer being manufactured and are therefore obsolete. If this is the case or you’re wanting to try something new, there are plenty of comfortable, more modern CPAP masks that you can purchase for a similar price.


Upgrading your CPAP mask

Upgrading your mask for a newer model can be beneficial in many ways. Newer masks can be lighter, quieter and easier to use with less parts involved in their makeup. For example, N20 and F20 masks use magnetic clips instead of clip ins.

We know that upgrading your CPAP mask can be daunting, which is why we offer a 14 day money back guarantee across the ResMed AirFit mask range.

When choosing to upgrade your mask, it is important to know that all masks will fit all current machines and will be interchangeable between brands excluding the ResMed AirMini machine which is only compatible with the following masks; the ResMed AirFit P10, AirFit N20, AirFit F20 and the AirFit F30.

Step 2. Select Your Mask & Mask Size

Once you have decided whether you wish to replace or upgrade your mask, you will need to find the mask you wish to order on our website and select which size you would like. Use our easy to navigate site to search masks by brand, type or simply type the name of the mask into the search bar. Once you have found the mask you are after, select the size you require. Sizes between masks generally run similar so you may find that your new mask will be the same size as your old one. Some masks also have a fitting template guide that you can print off and use to assess your size. If you are unsure about which mask size to use, we will be able to help make a sensible decision over the phone.

Step 3. Checkout & Payment


Once you have selected the relevant mask & mask size, add the mask to your shopping cart and begin the checkout process. Once you have filled in all of your contact details, select your required payment method, you can choose from:

  • Credit Card


    • Payment Plan (options include AfterPay, Zip Pay, Humm (Formerly known as Certegy)

  • Paypal


  • Direct Deposit

Once payment has been received, your new CPAP mask will be posted out (via express post if you order a ResMed AIrFit mask) and a tracking number will be emailed to your listed email address. You will then receive emails on how to use your mask and how to maintain it into the future.