A question that is commonly posed to us is “Can I still use my old CPAP machine or do I need to upgrade?”

When using CPAP, the most important question is “Is the CPAP machine treating my sleep apnea and snoring?”

There are two ways we can go about finding this information. In some of the older machines, they will gives us some data or what we can do is loan you a new machine and that will provide us with the information to gauge whether or not your sleep apnea is being treated effectively. Once we have access to this data, we can then change the settings on the old machine to make sure that your sleep apnea and snoring are being treated effectively.

The second thing to consider when you using an older CPAP machine is hygiene and cleanliness. With the older machines, we can often change a filter, change a humidifier tub or change the tube. We can also run your older machine through So Clean to make sure we clean any germs or bacteria that might be lingering around within your device.

Of note, you are able to use modern CPAP masks with older model machines. Different branded masks can be used with different branded machines. For example, a ResMed mask can be used with a Fisher and Paykel CPAP machine.

If you intend on using your older CPAP machine into the future, the first step is to ensure the settings are actually treating your sleep apnea. Secondly, it is important that your machine is hygienic and clean. Remember, you are breathing air through this device on a nightly basis.
If this means replacing a filter, tube or humidifier tub, or even your CPAP mask, we have all those things available online at Sleep Right Australia.

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