We remotely manage your CPAP therapy in a variety of ways including:

  • AirView
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Livechat/online consults
  • Website

Our ability to do this can help you get a quick solution and avoid any unnecessary travel. Here is how we can help you.


AirView gives us an insight as to how your CPAP therapy is going.

If required, we are able to share relevant information with your sleep physician and medical practitioner. Health professionals can find this data useful in helping treat symptoms or other health conditions.

Overall AirView is used to ensure your therapy is working as it should be.

Phone & Email

As a team we have many years of combined experience within the CPAP industry. This wealth of knowledge means we can often answer questions and find solutions over the phone and via email. You can call us on 1800 799 950 or email us at info@sleepright.com.au

Livechat/online consult

You can chat to us online in real time on our website’s livechat system. We are online during business hours Monday-Friday to offer support with your CPAP therapy and assist with your equipment needs.

If you prefer talking face to face but are unable to come in store, you can book an online consultation. These consultations are run via videolink and allow us to see your equipment and help as needed. Book your online consultation here.


We cover all your equipment needs on our online store. Here you’ll find useful resources, advise on common CPAP questions and a membership area.

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