Here at Sleep Right Australia, we are country providers of CPAP therapy. For this reason we have always had to find ways to remotely manage the use of CPAP since we opened in 2010.

As technology has improved within CPAP machines and computers as well, we have been able to acutely fine tune things to know what works and what doesn’t when helping people on CPAP without physically being there.

How we can help

We are a team of 4 people whose experience ranges between 4 and 10 years of providing CPAP therapy.

Online Equipment Reviews

Our online equipment reviews have been a popular service. The beauty of these are that we can see your face and make accurate sizing estimates for your CPAP mask.

It also allows us to quickly identify exactly what equipment you are using. Each year new machines and masks are released which makes it pretty difficult to keep up with. Once we identify what equipment you have, we can then recommend parts, eliminating the need to buy complete masks which in turn will help save you money.

The face to face discussions also allow us to see your equipment. For example, if there is a leaking noise we can do a check of your hose or mask cushion to look for any tears in places we know commonly occur.

Furthermore, by having this discussion we can help provide you with information/solutions you may not have known existed. People are often surprised that there are back up power/battery options available for most machines.

Book an online CPAP review with us here.

Phone conversations

If your issue is pretty minor and you can explain it well, we can usually solve issues over the phone.

Text and pictures

If you prefer to text and send pictures we can often troubleshoot very quickly in this manner too.

Built in remote monitoring in the CPAP machines

The more modern CPAP machines have the ability to feed us data and in some machines, we can feed information back to make changes to settings too. Find out more about remote monitoring here.

YouTube Videos

We have an extensive library of YouTube videos to help with common CPAP issues. Check out our YouTube channel for our latest videos.

Online Facebook support group

We have an online Facebook support group which now has around 800 members in it. Sometimes you just need to talk to another CPAP user and this is a great forum for that. Join the Facebook Support Group here.

Online store

If you know exactly what equipment you are after, you can order online. For orders placed before 2PM, provided we have stock, these are sent out the same day.


It is a bit of a strange time at the moment and we understand people’s desire to be looked after remotely. We believe we are well set up to assist you remotely as we have been providing these types of services for the past decade as “business as usual”.

Get in touch via email at or call us on 1800 799 950.

Book an online CPAP review, here.