We have recently introduced the WatchPAT Sleep Study device to test for Sleep Apnea. Primarily we chose the device because it involves minimal touch. Since using the device we have found added benefits, mainly in how quickly we can get turnaround from the time of referral to having the patient’s get their results.

Our scoring Sleep Physician Dr David Cunnington worked on developing the device at Harvard University 20 years ago and has also been impressed with the simplicity of the device and the speed at which we can supply the service.

The key benefits of using WatchPAT as a diagnostic study are:

  • Speed from referral to results discussion
  • Easy to fit equipment for the patient
  • Minimal Contact

We have now completed over 60 successful studies with the new device with no repeat studies needed. All patients who have a Sleep Study with us have a TELEHEALTH appointment with Dr Cunnington to discuss results and create a plan for treatment, be it with CPAP or otherwise.

With over 20 years of combined experience with sleep apnea, Sleep Right Australia are well equipped to get patients tested for sleep apnea quickly and effectively with Physician supervision.

Sleep Right Australia also provide services to help people start on CPAP therapy and also to manage therapy on an ongoing basis. We currently manage over 5000 CPAP users who use our services or buy products through us. 

  • A Facebook Support Group where CPAP users (currently has 900 members) can discuss their therapy with other users
  • 20+ years combined experience with sleep studies and CPAP therapy
  • YouTube and Blog posts educating patients how to use and acclimatise to CPAP therapy
  • Education via email on how to use CPAP therapy and tips for improvement
  • Access to over 20 weekly Telehealth appointments with Dr Cunnington
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantees on all of our ResMed CPAP Masks & Machines

For more information and how to refer to Sleep Right Australia click here.