Keeping any medical equipment hygienic is important in its effectiveness of use. CPAP machine are no different. “The picture we have submitted shows the difference between a used filter for 12 months and a brand new one… Frightening stuff.” Said Biomedical Scientist Mr Nunn.

Like anything in our houses the machines gather dust and dirt. This filter is obviously an extreme case however it does outline the importance of checking over your CPAP equipment. “Filters should be taken out and given a flick at least fortnightly or even more frequently depending on the conditions. Said Mr Nunn. “It is a good idea to replace them every 6 months.”

For patients using humidifiers it is also very important to keep these clean too. “We recommend changing the water on a daily basis in the humidifier and giving them a wipe out.” Said Mr Nunn. “In our 6 monthly review consults we use white vinegar and it gets them back looking like new.” The ResMed S9 humidifier tub has a succinct advantage in that the lid can be taken fully off and you can easily clean any build up. Masks and Tubes should also be cleaned frequently. “We recommend wiping the masks on a daily basis using latex and alcohol free wipes.” Said Mr Nunn. “We also recommend giving the mask and tube a soak in hot soapy water, a rinse in fresh water and an air dry on a fortnightly basis.” While cleaning does take a little bit of time it does ensure that your therapy is hygienic and in good working order. Remember whatever is on your machine or in your mask, tube or humidifier: you are breathing in throughout the night.

“We pride ourselves on our ongoing management and hygiene of CPAP machines and review our patients every 6 months.” Said Mr Nunn. “We are finding this also helps with compliance levels keeping everyone happy and sleeping better.”