All CPAP masks are compatible with all models of CPAP machines, except for the ResMed AirMini which can only be used with the ResMed AirFit P10, N20 and F20 and the ResMed AIrTouch F20.

This means you can use a ResMed mask with an F&P or Philips CPAP device. You can also use a modern mask with an older CPAP device.

CPAP tubing comes with standard size fixtures on the end of them, which will line up with all CPAP masks. The biggest issue we see is when an old connection part of an old mask is stuck in the end of a tube as displayed in this video.

If you are having trouble fitting a new mask onto your old tube, we suggest checking the end of your tube for any connectors from your old mask. It is also important to ensure that if your new mask requires a connector, that that is in place also.

From time to time, the ends of the CPAP tubing will become worn. This is often a good time to replace your tube. Alternatively, it may be a good idea to wrap some tape around the end of your mask where it enters the tube to create some friction and help hold it in the tube.


If you are having trouble connecting a mask to your current CPAP tubing, email us at and we will provide a solution for you.