In this blog post we are going to be comparing two nasal pillow CPAP masks, the;

  • ResMed AirFit P10
  • BMC P2

Both masks offer a high level of comfort and portability but there are a few points of difference to consider. Here we have outlined the differences and similarities between the two.

                                       ResMed AirFit P10                                                                   BMC P2

Size & Weight

Both masks are quite similar in their small design making them very portable and great for travel. The BMC P2 Mask however, is heavier than the aforementioned AirFit P10 mask.

Cost & Noise

There is a significant price difference between the two masks. The BMC P2 Mask is cheaper at $120, the AirFit P10 currently sits on sale for $219.

While the AirFit P10 mask is more expensive, it is also much quieter than the P2.


The BMC P2 mask is equipped with durable headgear, allowing you to get more wear from it. Depending on your level of care and maintenance, you will generally need to change the headgear on your P10 mask every 12-18 months. Of note you can now use the N30 headgear which has a built in adjustment clip.

                                                       AirFit P10 Headgear                                                        BMC P2 Headgear

Distribution of expired air

The ResMed AirFit P10 has mesh technology which minimises the air expelled out the front of the mask when you expire. This benefit is rarely talked about, but it can be a game changer for partners of CPAP users.


Compatibility with different brand CPAP machines

The BMC P2 can be used with every CPAP machine except the ResMed AirMini. The ResMed AirFit P10 can be used with all CPAP machines, but to use it with the AirMini, you need a specific connector.


Both masks deliver effective CPAP therapy when fitted correctly.

In my opinion, overall the ResMed AirFit P10 is a better mask. The BMC P2 Mask is cheaper and more durable than the ResMed AirFit P10, however, the AirFit P10 is lighter and quieter. For its price, the BMC P2 is good value..

Find the ResMed AirFit P10 Mask by Clicking here.

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