In this video we’re going to talk about the maintenance required for your ResMed Air Mini device. The ResMed Air Mini will need to have its filter changed every three to six months. To change your filter, simply push down here, take your old filter out, put your new filter in, then slide the cap back on.

Another aspect of maintaining your ResMed Air Mini is changing the humidifier over every 30 days. Please note that it’s 30 days from when you opened up the package, not 30 days of usage. Once you’ve unclicked and removed the humidifier tab, you can now throw this in the bin. When replacing the humidifier tab, you’ve got three options. You don’t have to use any humidification. You can use the blue humidification tab, which is a normal strength humidity, or you’ve got the extra strength humidification which is the grey tab.

To reassemble your humidification tab, have the colour whether it be grey or blue facing away from your mask, and this will click in. If you try to put it in the other way, it won’t click. Once you’ve replaced the humidification tab, what we need to do now is reassemble your mask. Simply apply and twist.

Maintaining the Air Mini is a very easy process. Should you need any filters or humidifier tabs, we always have them in stock. Call 1800 799 950 or visit our website

To replace your blue Humid X humidification tabs, Click here. To replace your grey Humid X Plus humidification tabs, Click here.

To replace your ResMed AirMini filter, Click here.