ResMed AirFit N30i                                                                 ResMed AirFit N30

Tubing & Frame:

One of the major differences between the AirFit N30 and the AirFit N30i is the tubing location. This factor is one that will likely influence your decision on whether to try the N30 or the N30i. The AirFit N30i  tubing is located at the top of the mask. This makes it a great option for stomach sleepers as throughout the night the tubing sits up and away from the face. The AirFit N30’s tubing sits out the front of the mask. This design is quite traditional for CPAP masks and provides a wide range of movement.


The two headgear products are different in style but both feature soft, lightweight fabric. The AirFit N30 headgear has a clip at the side so you can make minor adjustments to the fit.

The AirFit N30i has velcro to adjust it’s sizing and is reinforced for durability.


The AirFit N30 cushion has been similarly constructed to reflect the AirFit N30i cushion.

Both feature a curved design that contours the nose to create an effective seal. The soft silicone used in the creation of the cushion provides ample comfort.


These two masks are compatible with all current CPAP machines excluding the ResMed AirMini.

Overall both masks offer comfort and simplicity first. To purchase the ResMed AirFit N30, Click here. To purchase the ResMed AirFit N30i, Click here.