You may notice moisture in your CPAP tubing/mask from time to time, particularly at the change of seasons. This moisture while not harmful can be a nuisance to your therapy. To help combat this, there are a few things you can try.

  • Tubing: If your tubing is on the ground the cold air can react with the heated tube causing condensation. In cold weather you should place your tubing underneath your blankets or at the very least, up and off the ground.
  • CPAP Machine Location: Your CPAP machine should be located at about headheight (when laying down) and be positioned away from any open windows.
  • Humidification settings: There are humidifier settings within your machine and things you can do to reduce the effect this may have on your overall therapy. The ResMed AirSense 10 device has an automatic humidifier setting which will regulate itself based on the relative humidity of the environment around you. This is based around what ResMed believes to be optimal humidity settings. To change these settings, contact your provider. Some newer machines have monitoring capability allowing your settings to be changed remotely. To find out how you can change these settings yourself, Click here.

If you need to replace your AirSense 10 Heated Tube or AirSense 10 Humidifier Tub, Click here.