From our daily interactions with CPAP users we hear common issues with CPAP usage.  Our list below discusses the 5 most common complaints we hear + some self help tips to fix it.

Machine pressure is too high

This week we have had a few long term users come and say their pressure feels too high. We have found a damaged or incorrectly fitted mask to be the issue. If your mask doesn’t fit correctly or if it is damaged/worn it may leak and affect the quality of your CPAP therapy. 

When your mask leaks, it becomes noisy and the escaping air can be uncomfortable. The CPAP machine can also detect the leak and try and chase it by ramping the pressure up. This high pressure can disturb yourself and/or your bed partner.

We often find by re-establishing a mask seal, the pressure goes back to feeling more normal and there is less noise.

For information on how to check the condition of your mask, Click here. If you’re unsure about the condition or fit of your mask, drop in store for a mask fitting or contact us on 1800 799 950.

Waking up with a dry mouth

There are a number of reasons why you may be waking up with a dry mouth when using CPAP therapy. One reason could be that your humidifier setting is too low. By increasing the humidity of your CPAP machine you will create more moisture which can help combat any dryness you are experiencing. Other methods that may help include using a chin strap or full face CPAP mask. Click here to find out how these will help reduce your dry mouth.

Water in mask/tubing

You may notice moisture in your CPAP mask/tubing from time to time, particularly at the change of seasons. If there are droplets in the tube and it is not disturbing, this is not an issue, however, too much moisture can lead to rainout. To help combat this, there are both environmental factors (such as keeping your CPAP tubing off the ground and under the blankets) and climate control settings (such as humidifier settings) to look at. For a more in depth look at how to use these to reduce moisture in your CPAP equipment, Click here.

Noisy CPAP Machine

Dealing with a noisy CPAP device can be an inconvenience that disrupts not just your own sleep but that of your bed partner as well. There are a number of things that can be done to reduce excess noise originating from your CPAP machine. We have compiled a free, comprehensive solution guide for you to download here to find the source of the noise and then do something about it.

Can’t get to sleep with CPAP Machine on

It is not uncommon to take some time to adjust to your CPAP therapy. It is a new experience and while some people tolerate it from night 1, others will take some time. If you’re struggling try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Using your machine for a short period of time at night and then building up from there can help you ease into the process. We also find using the machine during the day when the stress of sleep isn’t there can be  useful in developing the skill of using CPAP. 

For a full list of tips to help get you settled with your CPAP therapy, Click here.

We hope these tips are useful. We have found with using CPAP, if you notice that something is not quite right, you are best to get onto it sooner rather than later. There are quite a few variables when using CPAP so things will go wrong from time to time. If something is bothering you and you can’t quite put your finger on it, please contact us and we will do our best to help out.